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Guisselle Nuñez and Ron Gonzales, Foreword by Terry Christensen

Along with other current and former elected officials, Guisselle and Ron share a side of politics that no one talks about. A must-read book for the aspiring candidate, elected official, and your families. This book is not a book of how to win an election. It’s a book on the stuff that no one talks about, until it’s too late.

Running for office and serving in elected office can be exhilarating, infuriating, scary, and intimidating all at the same time. The lessons shared in this book will provide you with knowledge, advice, and inspiration that you’ll need to learn to swim in the figurative political fishbowl. Are you ready?

Benefits from lessons in this book:

  • Balance your responsibilities between your public service duties and personal life, through unique insights from current and former elected officials
  • Real-life stories from current and former elected officials
  • With unique insights on the realities of running and serving in public office
  • Anecdotes on navigating the “political fishbowl”