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Guisselle is a community volunteer, award-winning marketing communications leader and speaker. You can view her experience, see what’s happening next and read insightful articles!

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Supporting companies and Organizations to empower their employees

Guisselle has empowered and coached the employees of numerous companies and organizations through her seminar, workshop, guest panelist, mentoring, webinar and community outreach services. Hiring a personal branding expert for your employees to develop their own personal brands not only enables their growth in their roles, but has a tremendous positive impact on your business.

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February Book Launch Event

UPCOMING – Thursday February 29, 2024 INVITE ONLY EVENT – 6:30-8:30pm, 7:30pm Program LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL Guisselle Nuñez and Ron Gonzales, Foreword by...

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New Book Release!

LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL Guisselle Nuñez and Ron Gonzales, Foreword by Terry Christensen Along with other current and former elected officials, Guisselle and Ron...

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Guisselle through her years of personal branding service &
Political Leadership Insight

Guisselle takes her audience from revelation to results and is recipient of several awards for her service through the years. Here are just some highlights Guisselle would like to share with you. Contact her today to find out how she can help you, your company or organization.

Life In The Fishbowl Interview Video & Podcast

Silicon Valley Vibes
Episode 17: Ron Gonzales & Guisselle Nuñez on “Life in the Fishbowl”

Insightful Articles

Sharing knowledge to give you a head start

Guisselle has inspired thousands of professionals to develop their own personal brand to propel them forward in their professions and in their personal journeys. Here are some article highlights where she shares her vast knowledge to help give you a head start in your personal and professional endeavors.

Need A Little Motivation?

To achieve your upcoming New Year’s resolutions Three life lessons we can learn from Amazon’s “Brittany Runs a Marathon” Amazon’s “Brittany Runs a Marathon”...

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Flexing Your Personal Brand

How to Manage and Own “It” in Your Daily Life COMMUNITY COLLEGE MARKETING MASTERCLASS Guisselle Nuñez, director of public relations, marketing, and governmental relations...

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Shameless Self-Promotion

FINDING YOUR SELF-PROMOTION SUPERPOWER Self-promotion is essential to career advancement and yet a recent Harvard study found that women are 33% less likely to...

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Self Promotion Without Guilt

Magazine: Diversity Women Self-Promotion is the action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one’s activities. Why do so many of us, women in particular,...

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